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Infant Info:
Infancy is a very precious time in a child’s life as well as a parents.
Our facility provides a safe and nurturing environment that feels like home. Your infants will grow in this classroom by engaging with their peers and the teacher who will promote building mobility and coordination through fine and gross motor skills. Our teachers will seek to understand their mood swings and their needs as an individual.

Our trained infant staff at New Horizon Learning Center will work closely with each and every parent to ensure a communication based relationship within our monitored and structured infant room. The infants have a unique curriculum and sign language program that we use to fulfil their individual needs.

Our teachers and parents will communicate through a paperless system called, Tadpole. This is an application that connects, through email, to provide the parents with their infant’s daily schedule including their meals, diaper changes and picture updates.

Paper copies can be provided at the parent’s request. Our teachers will meet each child’s needs through cuddle time, storytelling, individual and group play, outdoor walks, musical interaction with hand puppets, music instruments and hand movements, art and crafts, which will enhance their gross motor skills as well as their fine motor skills. Our infants will also build a sign language communication in order to have control over their environment while also building a verbal vocabulary.

Toddler Info:
Toddlers are working on becoming autonomous. Our staff here at New Horizon Learning Center respects this and allows the opportunities for the child to be responsible and make choices. The teacher sets limits that are fair and consistent. Our teachers, with patience, warmth and respect, redirect toddlers to help guide them in controlling their impulses and behaviors. An important aspect of our programs is to provide frequent, positive interaction between children and teachers, as well as between children.

The teachers recognize that directed play times are important moments to help children learn about themselves and others. Circle time encourages the toddler to become more aware of their surroundings, using activities such as reading, finger play, and music and movement. And early childhood educator views play as valuable, and facilitates opportunities during the day, so that children stay interested and move from simple to more complex aspects of play. The environment allows the children to choose activities and respects their need for ample time to use and reuse activities, because repeated experiences foster competence. The teachers create and adapt the environment and activities to meet the children’s individual needs from day to day. Through the use of My Baby Can Read program our toddlers will build their reading skills and allow them to communicate using full sentences.
Preschoolers Info:
The first preschool class is from 3 year olds. Often this is a transition from a home setting or a toddler program. In this educational setting, our highly trained staff creates a safe, and loving environment where the children are encouraged to experience and explore the world around them. The teachers are sensitive to each child’s needs, developmental level and personality. Many choices of activities are offered along with projects designed to develop the choices of activities for this age level. The activities include playing with blocks and other manipulatives, art, cooking, library, and outdoor play. These activities begin to explore colors, shapes, textures, counting and letters, as “whole child.” We provide interesting centers to aid in educational process, and believe that learning through play is a crucial aspect of each child’s development.

The older 3 year olds and young 4 year olds become more expressive, creative and curious. The program is full of opportunities for growth, with times for group activities, as well as fun and interesting hands-on projects. We use art, reading, simple science experiments, cooking dramatic play, storytelling, music and movement, group games and activities to develop language skills, math concepts, reading readiness, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Many times themes are used to focus on the different activities. The children develop better socialization and communication skills through role-playing, make-believe, and participation in group settings.

Pre-Kindergarten Info:
Pre-Kindergarten furthers the learning process with quality program full of challenges and fun. This age develops more self-confidence and feelings of independences. The children have more energy, and the teachers help to channel this into a more active playtime. The teachers promote more advanced language development, using questioning, explaining, interacting, listening, reasoning, and early phonics. More complex science and math activities stimulate the child’s curiosity and awareness of the world around him/her, using counting, distance, classification, problem solving and music/movement. The teachers constantly monitor cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills so each individual child may progress at his/her own best level. Here at New Horizon we aligned our curriculum with the Pennsbury School District to better prepare them for Kindergarten and first grade. We also believe that the importance of learning a second language cannot be underestimated. Your child will be exposed to the sounds of the Spanish language through a variety of activities and music. The teachers will include Spanish into your child’s favorite activities, stories, games and pretend play throughout the day. Also with the help of our private music teacher, Spanish will be woven into our music classes each day as well. In addition to a strong academic curriculum, we also believe in the “Big Picture.” This means not just getting your child ready for kindergarten, but all that comes after their time in school. The social and character development is extremely important in the growth of the children. With the help of our loving and qualified staff your child will learn to negotiate social situations and develop their increasing independence. This will help set the stage for a lifelong love of learning with the emotional and social skills they will need to succeed in school and beyond. We emphasize problem solving and conflict resolution as a positive discipline model for our children’s behavior. We are a child approve program and believe every child can succeed!

Before and After School info:
Our before and after school program is designed to provide a safe, fun, healthy and enriching extended care environment. The children enjoy a high-quality literacy-based program with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate learning and recreational activities. Reading, arts and crafts, cooking, dramatic play, science and math projects are designed to enhance the literacy themes for the month. The children participate in well-supervised and monitored outdoor play activities and organized sports to release energy built up during the school day. We believe that the physical activity is an important part of a child’s day. Indoor/outdoor group games encourage teamwork and cooperation, we well as a sense of being involved. Our program is very child-tested and approved! A very important component of our program is Homework Support, in which we dedicate time and a quiet environment to help students with their schoolwork every day. Children may also choose to just rest or read a book in our quiet corner. New Horizon Learning Center adapt our program to the various school districts in the community. We provide care on Snow Days, Early Dismissals, and Late Starts, as well as Holiday and Summer Day Camp. We emphasize the concepts of being safe and respectful.
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